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If you are in the market for a boat, need nautical accessories, or just feel the call of the sea, there is nowhere quite like a boat show. No matter what you are looking for, this list highlights some of the best boat shows in the United States. Smooth sailing!

1. Fort Lauderdale Boat Show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Located in one of the Sunshine State's boating Meccas, this is arguably the largest boat show in the world. The total value of the yachts, power cruisers, sailboats, and after market options like radar and engine upgrades on display typically exceeds 3 billion dollars.

2. United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Maryland

More and more, recreational boaters are opting for powerboats of one sort or another. But sailing enthusiasts are far from extinct. This annual show in Annapolis proves it by being one of the largest gatherings of sailors and sailboats in the world. Come see an amazing collection of both cutting edge and classic sailing vessels.

3. United States Powerboat Show in Annapolis, Maryland

Just a week after the Sailboat Show, Annapolis is home to a huge gathering of powerboats that will really get your motor running. Powerboats for all tastes are available, from small skiffs and gentleman's runabouts to huge cruisers designed to cross the oceans, there's no shortage of craft to take in.

4. Norwalk Boat Show in Norwalk, Connecticut

This is the most popular in-water boat show in the North East, and it's easy to see why. The large collection of sailboats and powerboats of all sizes all in the water and ready for buyers to sail away as soon as the ink is dry is just part of the appeal. Daily seminars and a carnival atmosphere keep it both fun and informative.

5. Strictly Sail Pacific in Richmond, California

Beautiful views of the San Francisco Skyline are just part of what draws people to Strictly Sail. This is the oldest and largest exclusively Sailboat in-water boat show on the West Coast, and the latest models from manufactures across the world are all here. You can also expect to see some classics, as well as smaller options for sale in the on-land portion

6. Bass & Saltwater Fishing Expo in Raleigh, North Carolina

While this is strictly an on-land show, if you're a recreational or smaller scale commercial fisherman in the Carolinas or Virginia this show is a must. With a focus on fishing boats and equipment vendors at this show are experts when it comes to the unique needs of boaters looking to catch the big one.

7. Utah Boat Show in Salt Lake City, Utah

While there is in fact some sailing on the nearby Great Salt Lake, the Utah Boat Show is largely devoted to enjoying freshwater boating. A wide selection of towable powerboats, water skis, and even some day sailers can be expected at this large on-land boat show.

8. The Anchorage Boat Show in Anchorage, Alaska

If you are looking for a boat that is suitable for cold water and beautiful vistas of the North, Alaska's largest boat show might be your best bet for a deal. Gold prospecting outfitters, SCUBA diving vendors, and sellers of general outdoors equipment can also be expected to have a presence at the show.

9. The Newport International Boat Show in Newport, Rhode Island

The city of Newport is known for its stately mansions and history as a major port city. Both its nautical traditions and its reputation as the home to high class luxuries are on display at the International Boat Show, which features a large selection of in-water boats, including yachts from around the world.

10. Canoecopia in Madison, Wisconsin

There are more ways to move a boat than just engines and sails. For the country's many lovers of kayaks, canoes, and other paddleboats Canoecopia is an amazing opportunity to see some of the latest high tech innovations on ancient designs. Paddleboards and other human powered boating options are also to be found here.

11. Progressive Insurance Atlanta Boat Show in Atlanta, Georgia

The largest boat show in the state of Georgia, there is no shortage of exciting marine gear on display here. The show is held indoors, but it includes a wide selection of watercraft, including jet skis and other small marine vehicles, as well as vendors for performance water sports, including wake boats and dive boats.

12. National On-Water Houseboat Expo in Jamestown, Kentucky

When is a boat more than a boat? When it's also a home! Whether you own a houseboat and love hanging out with other people that love the lifestyle, or are interested in purchasing one to explore America's lakes and waterways, this is the event for you! Kentucky's Lake Cumberland turns into one huge party for boaters, but there's still gear a plenty!

13. WoodenBoat Show in Mystic, Connecticut

While the days of "wooden ships and iron men" may be in the past, the beauty of wooden boats is still alive and well. This show in Mystic is largely for the proud owners of wooden boats to show off their prized possessions and swap stories about keeping them seaqworthy, but there is also plenty for sale, including some of the boats themselves.

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